Sample TestWorks Screen Shots

Below you can view selected screens from the TestWorks product line. The samples shown are only a subset of the total screen complement for each product in the TestWorks tool suite. You can get some sense of the power and utility of TestWorks capabilities from these samples.

TestWorks/Regression for X, Unix, MSWindows includes CAPBAK, for capture/replay, SMARTS for test management, and EXDIFF for ``smart'' results comparisons.

  UNIX Windows
CAPBAK Records Utility
SMARTS Reports Test Run & Reports
EXDIFF Image Comparison

TestWorks/Coverage measures C1 (branch coverage), S0 (module coverage) and S1 (callpair coverage) for C, C++, Ada, F77 and Java.

  UNIX Windows
Xcalltree WINcalltree
Xcover WINcover
Xdigraph WINdigraph
TCAT C/C++ Main Menu TCAT C/C++ Main Menu

TestWorks/Advisor includes static analysis for C, Metrics for C, C++, Ada, and F77, and test file generation.

  UNIX Windows
METRIC Kiviat Chart
Reports & Kiviat Chart
TDGEN Data Sample