TCAT/Java for UNIX
Test Coverage Analyzer and Source Analysis Facility for Java
BENEFITS Measure Effectiveness of Tests, Test Suites.
Identify untested code and reveal more defects.
Improve test efficiency.
KEY FEATURES Combined branch and method-pair coverage for applets in Java.
Annotatable method dependence tree displays with access to Java source code.
Annotatable digraph displays with access to Java source.
APPLICATIONS Branch coverage: unit testing, integration testing.
Call-pair coverage: integration testing, system testing, test suite validation.
Graphical annotation: all levels of code test completion browsing, analysis.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE +75 Points if C1 > 80%.
+85 Points if S1 > 90%.
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TCAT/Java for UNIX, is an award winning coverage analysis tool for applets and applications written in Java. TCAT/Java received the Editors' Choice Award in the Testing Tools category at Java World, New York.

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TCAT/Java for UNIX is a branch, method, and method-pair coverage analyzer for applets written in the Java language.

TCAT/Java for UNIX works by instrumenting a Java application to permit collecting dynamic coverage information. TCAT/Java for UNIX reports the coverage as a percentage of possible branches exercised (C1) and as a percentage of possible method-pairs exercised (S1). (A method-pair is a method-to-method connection). The TCAT/Java for UNIX package includes the instrumenter engine, the runtime unit, and graphics oriented analyzers for call-pair and branch coverage, for detailed analysis of the calling-structure of your Java applet, and complete directed graph (digraph) analysis of each function present in the Java source code.

In addition, TCAT/Java for UNIX permits browsing through your Java applet code from the call-tree, from the digraph, and from the coverage analyzer sections.

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The TCAT/Java for UNIX system includes powerful and sophisticated visualization software to help users:

These features are implemented in three primary graphical views you can use: one for call-trees (method invocation trees), one for the structure of individual functions (methods), and one that shows coverage values reflected relative to the current test and all prior tests for all Java files and functions (methods) in your build.

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TCAT(tm) is a trademark of Software Research, Inc. Java(tm) is a trademark of SunSoft, Inc.