BENEFITS Systematized test suite execution.
Reliably identifies changes.
Unattended operation.
Lower tester overhead.
KEY FEATURES C-language hierarchical test tree structure.
Multiple test execution modes.
Programmable test-tree interpretation.
Targeted for 1000's of tests.
Easy shell interaction to external system commands.
Multiple, programmable PASS/FAIL determination modes.
Built-in PASS/FAIL reporting system.
APPLICATIONS Application testing of all kinds:
Local, client/server, remote.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE +70 Points if >50% PASS ratios maintained.
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SMARTS/MSW, a software maintenance and regression test system, stands alone or operates as part of TestWorks's multi-platform suite of testing tools. SMARTS/MSW automates and simplifies the testing process by organizing tests into a hierarchical tree, with the capability to automatically execute all (or a subset of) tests.

SMARTS/MSW reads a user-designed automated test script. The hierarchically organized tests can be supplemented with test activation commands, comparison arguments and pass/fail evaluation methods. The test script can also be augmented with system calls to other tools, such as CAPBAK/MSW, which replays captured user sessions. A C-language interpreter provides full user-programmable scripting support.

When executed, SMARTS/MSW performs the programmed tests, runs difference checks on the output against the baseline, and accumulates a detailed PASS/FAIL record of test results in an internal database.

Four standard reports can be generated by SMARTS/MSW from each current test outcome record. The Status Report lists the most recent test execution outcomes. The History Report includes current and past test results for every test executed. The Regression Report lists any tests whose outcome has changed since any previous test activation(s). The Certification Report summarizes the total number and percentage of tests that have ever PASSed and FAILed.

SMARTS/MSW and its companion products test applications running under MS/Windows, MS/Windows NT and MS/Windows 95.

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