BENEFITS Reduced test creation time.
Early notification of GUI changes.
KEY FEATURES Best of class ``ease of use'' for testers.
Very strong synchronization modes.
OCR engine for font and face size independence.
APPLICATIONS GUI testing of all kinds:
Local, client/server, Remote, Host/target.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE +70 Points if >50% PASS ratios maintained.
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Download an Evaluation Copy of CAPBAK/MSW Ver. 3.2 (Windows 98/NT/2000/XP)

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CAPBAK/MSW captures user activities during the testing process including keystrokes, mouse movements, captured ASCII characters and captured bitmap images, and records them as C-language procedures. A C-language interpreter plays back all recorded events and actions. CAPBAK/MSW's Multiple Synchronization Modes ensure reliable playback, allowing tests to be run unsupervised as often as required.

The captured images provide baselines against which response images of future test reruns are automatically compared, with results written to a log file. Tests which have FAILed are quickly identified in the log file.

To verify tests have successfully played back, CAPBAK/MSW's CBVIEW utility displays test session captured images. Tests can be further verified with the CBDIFF utility which differences baseline and response file images. A masking capability allows CBDIFF to ignore user-specified areas of the image file during the differencing process.

Used with its TestWorks/Regression companion tool, SMARTS/MSW, tests are organized in a hierarchical structure for execution individually or as a part of a test suite. The results can then be evaluated using CBDIFF. Following test execution, SMARTS/MSW logs test statistics and PASS/FAIL results into reports.

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