TCAT/S-TCAT for Ada, F77
Segment and Call-Pair Coverage Analyzers for Ada, F77
BENEFITS Measure effectiveness of tests, test suites.
Identify untested code and reveal more defects.
Improves test efficiency.
KEY FEATURES Branch and Call-Pair Coverage for Ada, F77.
APPLICATIONS Branch and Call-pair coverage
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
TestWorks INDEX VALUE +90 Points if S1 > 95%.
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TCAT and S-TCAT, a branch-level unit-test and system test coverage analysis tool, provides branch and call-pair coverage for F77 and Ada programs. TCAT and S-TCAT measure the number of times each segment or function-call pair is exercised.

C1 expresses test effectiveness as the percentage of every segment exercised in a program by a test suite, relative to the number of such segments existing in the system.

S1 expresses test effectiveness as the percentage of every function-call exercised in a program by a test suite, relative to the number of such function-calls existing in the system.

TCAT and S-TCAT instrument the application by placing markers at each segment or function-call. When test cases have been run against the instrumented code, TCAT/S-TCAT collects and stores test coverage data in a tracefile. TCAT/S-TCAT then extracts this information to create coverage reports indicating which calls remain untested or frequently tested, and which test cases duplicate coverage. TCAT/S-TCAT also creates archive files containing cumulative test information.

The instrumentation process also generates call-trees that identify a program's modules and represent the caller-callee hierarchical structure (as well as subtrees of caller-callee dependencies) within a program.

Using optional user annotation and or supplied color annotation, the call-tree shows each functions' level of interface exercise. When a function-call coverage values are low the user can navigate directly to the corresponding source code. The call-trees can also generate directed graphs depicting the control-flow structure for individual modules.

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