BENEFITS Low-cost creation of test data sets.
Statistical validation capability.
KEY FEATURES Flexible template file format.
Enumeration types, ranges.
Enabled for cascade operation.
APPLICATIONS Creation of large volumes of test data.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE +60 points if used in C1/S1 analysis.
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TDGEN is the test data generator system included with TestWorks' fully integrated TestWorks/Advisor suite of static source code analyzers and measurement tools. Working as a stand-alone product or as a part of the TestWorks/Advisor tool suite, TDGEN provides the capability to take an existing test script and substitute new random or sequential data values to create additional tests. With minimal work, TDGEN increases the size of a test suite to more fully exercise the Application Under Test (AUT).

TDGEN produces an input test data file based on two user-created files. A Template File describes how selected data values are to be placed in a typical test file through embedded data descriptors. This file provides an outline of the eventual output file. A Values File defines the actual test values, test value ranges, or test value generation rules for each defined data descriptor.

According to the users selections and options, TDGEN replaces the template file's data descriptors with the value file's actual values. The descriptors in the template file are denoted by a special syntax. All other text, except for comments, is reproduced verbatim.

TDGEN behaves like a highly intelligent macro processor that can operate in cascade mode. The user creates new test data files or configures existing test scripts to substitute different data items for selected fields. With TDGEN, tens or hundreds of additional tests can be created in a short amount of time.

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