BENEFITS Early identification of trouble-prone functions.
Measurable size for estimations.
Support for standards enforcement.
KEY FEATURES Complete complexity metrics for C, C++, Ada, F77.
Flexible reporting method.
APPLICATIONS Pre-release ``trouble spot'' identification.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE +80 points if average cyclo-complexity < 10.
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METRIC is the software metrics system for TestWorks' fully integrated TestWorks/Advisor suite of static source code analyzers and measurement tools. METRIC works as a stand-alone product or as part of the TestWorks/Advisor tool suite to quantitatively determine source code quality.

Although the most common measure of software complexity has been the number of lines of code, this measure does not necessarily predict program complexity. True software complexity measurements assign quantitative values to programs based on code structure and a variety of other code attributes.

After processing a source code file, METRIC automatically computes various software measurements. These metrics include the Halstead Software Science metrics which measure data complexity in routines; the Cyclomatic Complexity metrics which measure logic complexity in routines; and size metrics, such as number of lines, comments, and executable statements. This information identifies overly complex modules requiring extra testing or rewriting, or determines the number of man-hours necessary to develop a related or similar software package.

Metrics are reported in configurable, easy-to-read reports and charts. The Full Report provides a set of metrics for each of the modules in a given source file. The Summary Report provides metrics for the program as a whole. The Exception Report lists where the code exceeds user-defined metric thresholds.

The Kiviat charts display metric results from the Summary Report, where each metric is represented by an axis, and results are plotted with reference to user-definable upper and lower bounds. The Kiviat charts quickly identify which metrics to focus on for a particular program.

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